Crack the Eggs

Great game last night. Well played by all. Anna and John, thanks again for acquiring those miniatures, I think it really added a lot to the game!

Among your incredible feats over the last two sessions, you:

Walked past some mushrooms.
Ran away from a few guards.
Fed meat to caged drakes.
Helped one of your own out of a trash pit.
Cracked three eggs.

Oh the tales they will tell about you!


Over the course the last TWO sessions:

The party earned 5725 Exp for combat. (In case you’re curious, the party has racked up 118 Kills in 7 sessions. With an average of 3.5 hours per session, that’s about 5 kills per hour)

In addition to the combat experience, you earned 1800 Exp for convincing the Roper to help you, 750 Exp for destroying the eggs, and 200 Exp for disarming/avoiding 2 traps.

That gives each of you 1413 Exp, which I believe is enough to get you to Level 4. Congrats.

We are gathering again at Billy’s place on Apr. 29th at 6 pm. We’ll work on leveling up your characters before we dive in the next chapter of our adventure, but feel free to work on leveling your characters before then and hit me up with any questions you have.

Looking forward to rolling some more dice with you,


jfsmith18539 jfsmith18539

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